Personal Security

Every client is a rock star and we keep each one safe. Click here for the rock star treatment!

Location Security

Commercials, movies, festivals, sporting events, and television shows need special care. Don't trust just anyone.


Everyone gets a ticket, and the ticket taker sees all. Trust our seasoned security experts to pick out trouble.

End to end

We can take the tickets, escort the rock star to the car, and drive them off.

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Why Rock Solid Security

Our strategy is to make sure your event goes off without a hitch -- that is, getting the right people with the right skills in place so people stay where they should and talents feel a lot safer with you around. If you want to find out more, visit our clients page.

Did you really want to go and hire 30 - 50 people to make sure your event is successful? From ticket takers to security guards, we make sure that the whole event is staffed and you look like the hero. Let us help make you a hero!

Being there for you or changing the plan because something unexpected comes up... those things are part of the job. We want to make sure that our clients feel like they are well taken cared of and they have everything they need to move forward. How can we serve you?

Our team knows what it is like being around stars all the time. They won't be asking for autographs or photos constantly. Treating our clients like they deserve and giving them the upmost respect while we are working with them is the only way we work. Just check out some of the people we have served so far.

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